We are constantly judged on our outside appearance.   But what we often fail to recognize is we have more in common than we think.  It is the inner unspoken battles each of us as individuals have survived and endured that make us relatable.  

While our outer appearance might not hold any commonality, we have a common core;  Our Rugged Soul.  

As an Independent Clothing Co. we focus on the concept of Wearing on the Outside What We Have on the Inside…a Unique Rugged Soul.

We hope you enjoy our vision, embrace our brand and become part of our family. You inspire us daily and we hope to give you a line that was made for you.

All our love,


Rugged Soul was specifically created for the free spirited, the surfers, the snowboarders, the bohemians and the outdoor adventurers.  

Every Rugged Soul product is chosen and created with quality in mind. We chose the softest fabrics and everything we sell is something we ourselves wear or use daily.  All of our T-Shirts and Hats are designed and printed in the U.S.A.!!!  flag_of_the_united_states   If  there is something you need or a suggestion you have, please reach out to us. We love hearing from you.