How & When to Use Beard Oil

Guest Post By: Jeffrey of Fox + Fang – February 2016


You’ve heard of beard oil basically nectar of the Gods for perfecting beards – but how do you use the stuff to get the best results? Don’t worry, it’s easy, and we’ll explain how to use beard oil the right way!

The biggest mistake most people make is by just slathering on the beard oil straight to the beard itself and heading out the door. While doing that isn’t going to ruin your life, it’s also not going to benefit your skin and it might make your beard look greasy, which is probably not what you’re going for.

You really want to treat the hair follicle with the oil to get the most benefit. To do this, make sure your pores are fresh and clean. Take a hot shower or wash your face with warm water to open the pores. Clean hair will also do a better job of absorbing the oils. Towel dry your face, and make sure the skin is damp-to-dry: you know what they say about oil and water.

Put about a dime-size amount (2-3 drops, if your oil has a dropper) of beard oil into the palm of your hand, rub it into the tips of your fingers, and then onto your face. Start at the skin under your beard, working outward to get all of the beard’s hair.

Got a mustache? Use your oiled fingertips to coat the ‘stache, then use a comb to evenly distribute the oil, and get the mustache back in proper order.


The beard oil, often a mix of carrier oil and essential oil, is going to work to moisturize your skin, which will not only prevent dryness and itchiness, but it will also give your beard shine, while letting you have some control.

Many men are worried about beard oil making their beards look greasy or causing a breakout. However, beard oils are made to hydrate your skin and beard, and shouldn’t cause skin irritation or acne. Many beard oils, made with all-natural products, use oils that are quickly absorbed into the hair itself, so it’s not going to appear greasy.

If you just started admiring your stubble, don’t think you have to wait to jump on the beard oil train. Since beard oil is meant to benefit the skin first and foremost, you can start using it at any point when growing out a beard. The sooner you use it, the better your skin is going to feel, and you’ll have a jumpstart on a silky, smooth beard.

Speaking of growth, there’s a rumor roaming around that beard oil makes your beard grow faster. Sadly, this is untrue. However, using beard oil regularly will help your beard grow in fuller and thicker, because it’s hydrated and healthy.

See? Taking care of your facial hair doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task, but you’ll get a lot of benefit in the end: smooth skin and a silky beard. Doesn’t get much better than that.