Meet Our Brands

Blog Written By:  Cliff Carey, Founder – American Reserve Clothing Company


Rugged- /rəɡəd/ (adj) jagged, rocky, uneven in nature; strongly made and capable of withstanding rough handling; having toughness and determination.

Soul- /sōl/ (noun) 1. the essence, embodiment, immaterial part of a human being, regarded as immortal.


Our lives are in constant motion. Almost anything can be a flashpoint or change agent, causing a reaction in our lives. Often, it’s an event, the entrance or departure of something, or someone, that disrupts and catalyzes.

We’ve all faced, and been transformed by, our own challenges and come out the other side somehow different; somehow stronger. It was from this realization that Rugged Soul, Inc., a Long Island based lifestyle brand was born.

A series of life events and self-realizations left founder Alyssa Larssan looking to develop a platform to activate, celebrate, and empower anyone who had, or was, facing their own. “I looked around and saw people facing all sorts of challenges and I saw that we all have our own stories and scars. Our souls are tattered and torn then covered by the clothes that define who we’ve remade ourselves as.’

Many of us use clothing as a form or self-expression and Larssan sees an opportunity to give you a voice through the Rugged Soul portfolio. In fact, research indicates that our clothing can alter our mood, effectively speaking back to us. Rugged Soul, Inc. aims to lighten your mood, highlight your grit, and showcase a devil may care attitude -all while you look good doing it. The brand draws from elements of skate and surf style, eastern philosophy, the love of nature, an affinity for beards, and tattoo culture.

Tattoos have long been recognized as more than simple decorations of the body. The social and highly-personal significance of getting inked are unmistakable and attractive aspects of body art. Many who subject themselves to the often-ritualistic pain and discomfort speak of an intrinsic spiritual experience with healing and curative elements.

Larssan’s playful natural shines through in the design of the ever-expanding line. She melds evocative meme-style statements with nurturing self-empowerment like a shock-jock yogi. The effect is unmistakable and infectious.

From these fundamental concepts, the Rugged Soul lifestyle is born.  Wear your scars proudly, let your adversity become your strength and let your story be told.

Every survivor out there will tell you that you only see the results. What you can’t see is the struggle, the pain, the commitment.  You can’t see my Rugged Soul.

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