Our Fight Against The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

By: Rugged Soul CEO Alyssa Larssan


If you haven’t already heard, The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is a relatively new tradition in China having started in 2009 where once a year, dogs are brutally tortured beaten burned and killed.  The dog meat is then served up as a delicacy under the premise that the dog meat has become tender from the adrenaline rushing through the body during the time of torture.  It is surely a new tradition that we have to put an end to immediately.

In the last few years, tens of thousands of dogs were slaughtered at each Yulin festival.  Awareness to this atrocious ritual has thankfully brought those numbers down, but only slightly. Realistically, not one dog should be subject to this cruel and purposeless ritual.

As animal lovers ourselves, we know it is gut-wrenching to see graphic images of dogs being burned, starved, beaten and bloodied.  But when we turn a blind eye, it just continues.  Only when we can take a look and actually feel the pain, can we be moved to make a change and do something.

At Rugged Soul we feel it is our Social Responsibility to back up causes we truly believe in.  Therefore, 100% of the proceeds from our Stop Yulin T-Shirt will be donated to StopYulinForever.Org

In addition, by wearing a Stop Yulin T-Shirt, we as individuals are bringing awareness to a cause that so many know nothing about.  Please help us rally alongside StopYulinForever.org  and get your Stop Yulin T-Shirt here.

We would like thank every person who helps us in this endeavor to help these innocent angels who need us because they can’t help themselves.