Our Newest Retailer American Reserve Clothing Co.

Our newest retailer – American Reserve Clothing Company located outside of Syracuse NY has us loving their mission and drive.  They have chosen to share Rugged Soul with the world – and we want to share their story with you.

The American Reserve Clothing Co. Story

Ok, ok. I know what you’re thinking. A high-level exec leaves his comfortable job to chase his dreams? Must be a mid-life crisis. I’ve been called crazy by close friends and glared at with skepticism by a few more.

Listen, I get it. But I’m confident that once you get to know our story and understand our brand, you’ll see that this is something more.

We believe in the power of clothing to transform a person in mind, spirit, and enthusiasm. We’ve all felt the extra hop in our steps when stepping into a new pair of shoes. We believe in the power of place; where those clothes are made is important. ‘Place:’ regions, cities, and communities can bring people together in common efforts. Finally, we believe in the power of people to transform the communities around them and change the world.

We believe in the hard work and dedication of American entrepreneurs. So much so that we’ve created a business where we get to join their ranks and support their efforts.

I’d been consulting with small and medium-sized businesses, albeit medical practices, for nearly a decade. Combined with extensive retail ops experience in my twenties, I’d come to understand some key elements of commerce. Every business must identify a need in the market, understand how and why their consumers make decisions, know where the money comes from and where it needs to go, and relate their story-their why– to their teams and clients.

Our why is the most important focus for the success of American Reserve Clothing Co.

We’ll be introducing our clients to a hand-selected portfolio of small-batch, artisan brands and helping them to curate outfits that both allow them to feel stylish and empower them to influence real, positive change. All the while making the process fun, inviting, and expedient.

The way we do business is changing. More importantly, the way we select who we do business with has changed. In fact, many of the Fortune 500 companies are losing market share.

When given the choice –aware of, perhaps?– most of us make calculated product selections. When we‘re able to stop and ask, ‘who will gain from this transaction?’, or more times, ‘who is hurt by this purchase?’ we tend to make choices with more impact.

Often, the real question is ‘what does making this purchase say about me?’

If asked to choose a pair of shoes that originated from a factory filled with exploited workers OR a pair where the act of buying them automatically gifted their equal to an impoverished child, which would you choose? Over 20 million people have selected the second option since TOMS launched in 2006.

Conscientious consumerism has evolved from choice and awareness in the global marketplace and it is part of a shifting concept of brand loyalty. Brands must prove that, although important, profits are not the only reason to be in business. In many cases, shareholder primacy is failing as a primary justification for business decisions.

Consumers are proving it with their wallets, choosing alternative brands and access points for their purchases. Better yet, brands who can deliver an evolved value proposition based on some level of altruism are showing consumes why they should reconsider every dollar that they spend.

Our clients –our community, our ambassadors, our family- see that we proudly showcase artisan brands whose pieces are a product of passion, not just profits. They appreciate that a portion of their purchases will do some small part to help fire houses stay open, offset childcare expenses for working, single moms, or fund suicide prevention efforts for American veterans.

There is but one thing in life that we do alone and that is to decide. We can decide our direction, we can decide our effort, and we can decide our attitude. For everything else, we are reliant on community.

I’d like to personally thank you for being a part of our community, our family.

Cliff Carey

founder, American Reserve Clothing Co. Inc.

“May your story be well-clothed and written in vibrant ink on smudged and dogeared pages.”