As an independent clothing company and lifestyle brand, Rugged Soul is trying to spread good will, while building a sustainable business.   There is a social responsibility that comes with a public platform and we are trying to use our brand to promote awareness in both environmental and social issues.  


Rugged Soul takes every opportunity to offer our customers products that come from sustainable sources, are recycled or eco friendly and comply with the Fair Labor Association.  A number of our t-shirts are made from sustainable materials or organic cotton, colored with non toxic natural dyes or low impact dyes.  Many of our shirts use the G2 Eco Wash to age and break in our garments.  This wash saves 60% in energy and water versus tradition finishing methods.  A considerable amount of our display furnishings are made of up-cycled materials such as pallet wood & repurposed furniture.


In an effort to eradicate China’s barbaric annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival, Rugged Soul is donating 100% of all proceeds from our Stop Yulin T-Shirt sales.  As a company, we are trying to do much more than we can as individuals alone.  All proceeds will be donated to StopYulinForever.Org.

Rugged Soul supports the LGBT community and takes an active role as Ally to all of its members - showing support to anyone facing adversity, embracing them and recognizing the community as a facet of the Rugged Soul Brand.